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About Me   "Life is short, be happy, don't let social atavisms stop your true happiness and your fantasies". Look for Your Misstres. Jannelle Spencer "She will always be your best friend and she will be your secret of the soul." Now VISITING Murrieta, Near by San San Diego!!!! Hello to all my friends from North San Diego, Pomona, Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, Riverside, Corona, Menifee, San Marcos, Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Temecula, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Camp Pendleton,  La Jolla, Northpark, Poway, Rancho Peñasquitos, Santee, . Im visiting Murrieta from May 16,17,18,19. As a straight man and married or with a girlfriend, you have always had the fantasy of dressing in lingerie, but when you check your wife's closet, your wife only dresses in jeans and sweatshirts. Don't stop, make your dream come true, visit your friend Janelle and tell her all your secrets. You're a straight man and you've always had the fantasy of meeting a transgender woman. Please text or call  619​-​218​-​0044. The appointments are very reasonable.  Text for more information (Massage,  GFE,  BDSM).  Hello, all my readers! I'm Jannelle Spencer. I am a novelist, an academic, an avant​-​garde, a scholar, and an intellectual. I'm an erotic writer, I'm a professional masseuse, and I'm your fantasy come true. But, most importantly, I am a very reliable and discreet friend. My main quality is that, I am very cordial and friendly. In my free time, I like to admire art, and read books about philosophy and everything related to cultural activities and sports, I am healthy, I'm HIV​-​NEGATIVE, and fully vaccinated.  I cordially invite you to read my book that will be released very soon, the name of my book is "As Ieft, I Told Her I Would Be Back!" Here are some excerpts from my book: The Promise of Bottom Fun from a Pretty Top TS You lay face down on the bed and her hands knowingly massage your body sending warm tingling feelings up and down your spine. Her hands soon also begin to massage your bottom. First one bun and then the other receives deep strokes that relax and stimulate you simultaneously. You begin to feel an uncomfortable bulge rise under you as your manhood reacts to the pleasure. Then, she roughly pushes your legs apart to expose your naked bottom even more fully. You gasp for air and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Her fingers begin to explore your most secret parts as they slide up, down, around, and in and out of your now fully lubricated hole. She then firmly raises you on your knees to fully expose your hole while your face is buried in the pillows. You are vulnerable to her desires now. You are excited, aroused, humiliated, and embarrassed but also dying for more touches. You shiver with anticipation as she applies cold lube to your throbbing hole. You feel the head of a toy pressed against the entrance to your hole and you almost faint from pleasure. The toy is gently, but firmly, worked around the outside, and then finally after an unbearable wait, inserted into your quivering bottom. You begin to move in time with her thrusts as the toy pistons in and out of you. You are in heaven. Suddenly, the toy is abruptly withdrawn leaving you feeling empty and wanting but only for a moment as you feel her fingers, (one, two, and then three) begin to explore and stretch your hole further for what is yet to come. You hear the condom package being ripped open and you brace yourself for what you know comes next." "The Uber driver came to her house to pick her up. When he came to the door of her house and she answered, he asked her if she could use her bathroom. It would be a long trip to the salon she was going to. She showed him the way to the bathroom. She closed the door and took care of business. When he opened the door, she stood right before it. She grabbed his hair and pushed him onto his knee. She turned around with her back to him, lifted her short skirt, and leaned in front of him. She walked over and grabbed a handful of his hair, shoved his face down her skirt, and said out loud "Taste it." He was so surprised that he obeyed and started licking and sucking her sweet caramel donut. Only then did he notice what a swollen magic wand this beautiful dominant queen had. The taxi driver began to receive the magic of the wishing wand. " "The cable repairman appeared and the stunning woman of the house welcomed him and they went to the bedroom to look at the cable connections. As he followed her to the bedroom he couldn't take his eyes off her beautiful ass in the short, tight skirt. When they got to the bedroom, the television was on with a XXX movie "The Confessional". The cable repairman got very excited and thought it was not an accident. He reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles. He lifted her skirt and was met with a swollen surprise. He turned her back to him. He picked up her skirt and tucked it in to keep her up. He called her Mistress, Mistress. The woman had a candy between her legs, growing with excitement. He asked her if she wanted him to fondle her candy. She moved her full lips saying yes. The cable repair man began to taste the candy." Yesterday at noon as I was walking down a street in San Diego, and heading toward the local university, a tall, black, muscular man began following me. The man gave me sweet glances and smiles. When I got out of class, I went back to my apartment and closed the door after a few minutes someone knocked. I opened the door and the man leaned over and got under my skirt (what do you think happened?). " If you want to know the end of the story subscribe to Jannelle Spencer's Twitter (X): Transgender Jannell Spencer. User: @yosoy132tv1 or text me at 619​-​218​-​0044. Available now,  hosting.  Please text 619​-​218​-​0044 or call me Please. The appointments are very reasonable. Text for more information. Your Fantasy Janelle Spencer Flash ID: janelletranstop


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